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Customised and robust chain support.

Manuplas manufacture resilient chain support buoys from polyethylene foam.  They are coated in a polyurethane elastomer skin and are both impact and abrasion resistant. Manuplas offer a number of chain support buoy options: swivel eyes top and bottom, chain through arrangement and pick-up buoys.  Applications include single point mooring systems and pipe or chain system buoyancy.


  • Closed cell thermolaminated polyethylene foam core in a range of densities
  • Foam fore is coated in a high performance polyurethane elastomer skin
  • Standard colour: orange
  • Options: increased skin thickness and foam core densities available with and without Kevlar reinforcement


  • Manufactured from durable and long lasting materials
  • Non-marking self-colour polyurethane elastomer
  • Optional Kevlar reinforcement of skin is available to increase the skins tear resistance
  • Virtually unsinkable if outer skin is severely damaged
  • Manufactured form durable and long lasting materials
  • High impact absorption prevents damage to the buoy or nearby vessels
  • bespoke sizes and options available to suit customer requirements



Chain Support Buoys Technical Data

Title Document Image
Chain Support Buoy with Chain ThroughDownload documentView image
Chain Support Buoy with Swivel EyesDownload documentView image
Pick Up BuoyDownload documentView image