Marine >> Commercial Vessel Fendering

Robust and highly durable vessel fendering systems for the harsh marine environment.

Manuplas can provide fendering for application to the bow and/or sides of a wide range of vessel types including: wind farm support vessels, workboats, pilot boats, lifeboats, patrol boats and military vessels.


Fender Construction: 

  • Manuplas fenders are manufactured from a high performance physically cross-linked polyethylene foam core.
  • A unique protective polyurethane elastomer coating is either cast or sprayed applied to the core:

    1. Cast fendering uses in-house manufactured tooling to product a custom mould.  Cast fendering is therefore appropriate when a high quality, smooth surface finish and tighter design tolerances are necessary.  It is particularly viable for a series of boats rather than a one-off build, unless the project is not cost sensitive.
    2. A sprayed finish allows flexibility on the shape, size and technical specification of the fender to be achieved without the need for investing in mould tooling.  A tailored solution for each boats' individual characteristics can be designed and manufactured.

Fender Features:

Cast Fendering

  • High quality, smooth and consistent surface finish for maximum visual appeal.
  • Less t than 1/3 of the weight of rubber fenders, helping to improve vessel speed and fuel consumption.
  • Custom designs to suit budget and application.
  • High impact and abrasion resistance prevents damage to the vessels structure.
  • Male and female joint system supplied as standard.
  • Tooling manufactures in-house enabling tight controls of quality and lead times.
  • A virtually non-marking external finish.
  • Variable core densities to suit vessel usage or specific location on vessel.
  • Custom moulded bow and corner sections for exceptional fitting.
  • Square, snaped or custom shaped terminating ends available.
  • Easily bonded to the hull for quick installation.
  • Rapid lead times.

Sprayed Fendering

  • Can be manufactured and installed as a single piece or as a series of multiple modules to suit the specific vessel.
  • Considerably lighter (up to 60% compared to traditional rubber D fenders), improving both speed and fuel consumption of vessels.
  • Highly impact absorbent with the ability to withstand the harsh environment.  It is therefore particularly suitable for allowing safe access to wind turbines and makes berthing safer and easier.
  • Very high abrasion resistance as a result of in-house development of a bespoke outer coating prevents damage to the vessel.
  • A virtually non-marking external finish.
  • Optional extras such as anti-slip coatings can be offered to enhance safety.
  • Optional Kevlar reinforcing of elastomer skin increases tear resistance and extends life of the fender in harsh marine environments.