Offshore and Renewables » Compliant Clamp technology


This specially developed compliant clamp technology by Advanced Insulation, Manuplas' parent company, is innovatively designed to reduce tension load on subsea risers and umbilicals.


Internal Clamp:

  • Designed to suit the specified loads and operating conditions and typically configured as 3-piece segments which are assembles and held together with a Distributed buoyancy Module (DBM) Clamp Fastener assembly arrangement.

External Buoyancy / Ballast Element:

  • The buoyancy module is suspended as a two-piece cylindrical product which fits around the internal clamp and is secured in place by means of Kevlar straps.


Internal Clamp:

  • Rubber inserts form a friction grip against the flexible riser and increase surface contact between the rubber insert and flexible riser/umbilical.
  • Vertical bar retainer rubbers ensure the vertical bars are retained in the body of the clamp which prevent the vertical bars form dropping off before the holding bolts are engaged.  They also prevent shell segments from twisting around when the clamp is being installed around the flexible riser and take away peak shock between multiple clamps with assembled in tandem application.

External Buoyancy Element:

  • The buoyancy unit core is designed to withstand the hydrostatic loads applicable at the specified water depth rating.
  • Durable, long lasting polyethylene shell.
  • Low maintenance design.
  • Easy installation and release.
  • Customised specifications to suit customer's unique application.


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