Offshore and Renewables » Distributed Buoyancy Modules (DBM)


Manuplas offer through its parent company Advanced Insulation, buoyancy and ballast modules complete with appropriate clamping systems engineered specifically to suit each riser scenario. These are known throughout the industry as Distributed Buoyancy Modules DBMs).

  • The Marine riser acts as an interface, connecting the static structures n the seabed with the dynamic floating structures on the surface.  The riser itself can either be top tensioned, compliant or in some cases a hybrid of the two.
  • In compliant riser systems, which utilise rigid or flexible lines, buoyancy and ballast modules are employed to create an optimised configuration (e.g. Lazy wave, Steep wave) to relive damaging tensions loads, enabling a long design life despite the ardous offshore conditions.

For further details of the Distributed Buoyancy Module Technology please down our information sheet below.