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Manuplas offer a range of Modsyn Subsurface floats Advanced Insulation's Modsyn subsurface floats provide a solution for subsea buoyancy where small amounts of tethered buoyancy are required.  Applications include umbilical and cable support, installation aids or trimming buoyancy.  Modsyn subsurface floats are available in three standard sizes with a range of depth ratings available from surface to 6000MSW.  Modsyns can be configured with either a central through hole or with fixed eye top and bottom.


  • Tough impact/abrasion resistant rotationally moulded polyethylene shell, 6mm wall thickness
  • High performance composted syntactic foam core
  • Internal Through Hole diameter 40mm, Central Rod diameter 20mm 
  • Optional: galvanised metalwork 


  • Durable high quality construction
  • Versatile
  • Rotary moulded polyethylene skin formulated to provide UV resistance
  • Simple to attach through central hole either using steelwork or ties
  • Cost effective buoyancy solution for a wide variety of subsea operations
  • Optional in-moulded customer graphics
  • Recessed lifting slots
  • Flat surface to assist on-board stability and handling


For further information regarding our Modsyn Subsurface Floats please download our information sheet below.