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Manuplas Cast Fendering System Supplied to Goodchild Marine

1st September 2017

Manuplas recently supplied vessel fendering to boatbuilder Goodchild Marine for its new SB Lynx passenger catamaran Angus, built for Staffa Tours.

Busy passenger vessels require resilient fendering systems to provide optimum vessel protection from other vessels and their coastal surroundings. The fendering needs to be low maintenance, ensuring vessel downtime is a kept to a minimum.

The 16m vessel, called Angus, takes up to 90 passengers at a time on sightseeing tours to Islands off the West Coast of Scotland. Fendering not only needs to provide excellent protection for the vessel but also needs to be aesthetically pleasing to passengers.

Manuplas supplied a high-quality cast fendering system for Angus, manufactured from high-performance polyethylene foam core, and coated with a unique protective polyurethane coating. The foam core is highly impact absorbent, therefore preventing damage to the vessel itself. The polyurethane coating provides an abrasion resistant, smooth and non-marking surface finish to the fendering which is visually appealing to passengers.

Custom tooling for the fendering was manufactured in-house to tight design tolerances, with a male and female joint system and terminating ends to give an ultra-neat finish.

The light weight properties of the fendering support the smooth and speedy operation of the vessel to ensure passenger comfort.

Angus was delivered to new owners Staffa Tours at Seawork 2017, Europe’s largest commercial marine and workboat exhibition.

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