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Advanced Insulation's Atlas Piggyback System has been created with standardised components, capable of performing to the highest operational duties whilst significantly improving both installation ease and safety.  The system is manufactured from marine grade polypropylene components, injection moulded in standardised parts to precision tolerances.  This dimensional accuracy allows Advanced Insulation to significantly reduce material usage and weight, creating a lightweight durable clamp, easily installed on deck or via diver intervention.


  • Base Unit: The body comprises 3 main sections which flex upon application of banding tension to allow it to adapt perfectly to the required carreir pipe diameter.
  • Interface Pads: Where low friction pipe coatings are present, interface pads are inserted into the base unit to improve grip during operation.
  • Ratchet System: By feeding the required banding type into the ratchet pins, banding tension is applied by use of a simple Allen key.  This can be carried out either topside or subsea.  This eliminates the need for expensive tensioner mechanisms.
  • Retaining Hoop: The hoop can be located at varying heights from teh body, achieving the required standoff distance.  This will either act as a guide or when used with the integral grommet provide the correct clamping force.
  • Gromet: Moulded from marine grade Polyurethane to allow sufficient grip during a clamping operation.
  • Banding: Standard banding for the system is fibre reinforced polymer material with an established subsea track record, easy and safe to handle and install.  Other banding options can be employed including Alloy 625 or Titanium materials.


  • Assembly weight of under 5kg in air.
  • Fast and simple installation method.
  • Subsea diver installable.
  • Standardised design allows fitting to multiple project requirements and pipe diameters, whilst enesuring low project costs and use of spare parts.
  • Configurable diameters up to 39in carreir pipe, and 6in piggyback.
  • The base unit component can be used individually or by interlocking with multiple other units allowing installation of multiple piggyback lines.
  • Different stand-off distances can be adhieved by altering the retaining hoop position.
  • The system can be configured as a guide, or by use of an optional grommet to clamp the piggyback line.
  • Can be used in either horizontal or vertical configuration.
  • No metallic parts, resulting in lightweight assembly with improved handling, installation safety and no corrosion issues.


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