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Manuplas offer through its parent company Advanced Insulation, a range of Pipe Laying Floats.  Pipe Laying Floats are primarily used as temporary buoyancy modules strapped to a pipeline to reduce tension and weight in the pipeline during the installation process for surface or deepwater pipeline installation applications.  Manuplas can offer through its Parent Company Advanced Insulation, a number of solutions tailored to fit a customer's specific requirements with the following configurations:

  • Single piece unit configured with either an open through hole or with a through chain and shackles to assist with handling operations.
  • Modular float configuration consisting of multiple individual units secured together with a central through pipe complete with pad eyes each end.

Both configurations have strap/band recess built into the buoyancy units to locate bands used to secure the buoys to the pipeline.  

A range of depth ratings are available from surface to 3000MSW.


Modular float configurations: 

These consist of multiple individual units 

  • PUSAD: Rotary Moulded Polyethylene (PE) Shell, Polyurethane (PU Foam Filled Core)
  • SYNSAD: Rotary Moulded Polyethylene (PE) Shell, Syntactic Foam Core
  • EPSAD: Closed Cell Expanded Polymer (EP) Saddles c/w PU Elastomer Sprayed Skin

 Single Piece Custom Floats:

  • Depending on preferred handling methods, single piece units can be configured with an open through hole, a chain and shackle assembly or a rigid central pipe ewith pad eyes each end.
  • In the event of a low volume or bespoke requirement, alternative materials are available.

Banding Options:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Inconel Stainless Steel
  • SMART bands


  • Standardised modular design rotationally moulded external shell
  • Modular configurations enable the number of modules to be adjusted to suit project requirements
  • Damaged modules easily replaced at minimal cost and intervention
  • Designed to accommodate all subsea pipeline diameters
  • Integral strap grooves and ease of access for quick release
  • Robust and impact resistant external shell
  • Lightweight foam flotation core
  • Easy to release by divers or ROVs
  • Interlocking spigot and cuff designs available


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