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Manuplas offer through its parent company Advanced Insulation, a range of composite foam ROV buoyancy blocks for use in operating depths down to 6000MSW. 


  • Manned, Autonomous and Remote Operated Vehicles.


  • PVC based copolymer foams are traditionally used for shallow water (<600MSW) deployment, where as pure syntactic foams available is Low density and Ultra-low density variants are used for depths down 6000MSW.
  • Composite syntactic foam core comprising injection moulded macrospheres encapsulated within a polyurethane based syntactic foam matrix.
  • The buoyancy blocks are laminated and then machined into customised complex shapes as required using in-house CNC machining facilities, enabling a fast turnaround from bespoke design to delivery.  A light stable and wear resistant polyurethane based elastomer eternal coating is the applied to the client colour and surface finish specifications.
  • Alternatively pure syntactic foam blocks manufactured using high strength thermosetting resin incorporating hollow glass microspheres.




  • Lightweight low-density and Ultra-low density syntactic foam cores provide exceptional buoyancy and enable reliable operational performance at deeper depths.
  • Bespoke design and build.
  • In-house CNC machining facilities.
  • High performance polyurethane elastomer coating.
  • Range of surface finishes available. 



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