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Submarine fenders provide a custom solution for navies requiring a low freeboard fender to position alongside a vessel requiring protection for a submarine when it comes alongside for berthing.

Long lasting, high impact absorbing, durable and reliable, the Manuplas submarine fender is available in bespoke sizes and configurations to suit your needs.  Can be used effectively positioned alongside vessels such as naval frigates.



  • Manufactured from a solid, cast polyurethane elastomer with an arrangement of elliptical vertical holes to reduce weight and allow for some compression of the fender
  • Vertical chain assemblies located on either side of the centre-line of the fender


  • Manufactured from durable, high quality materials to maximise service life and performance reliability
  • High absorbency of impact forces provides protection against the harshest of marine environments
  • Bespoke sizes and configurations available to suit customer needs