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Manuplas founded in 2003, specialise in manufacturing and supplying a range of flotation and protection products for the worldwide marine and offshore energy markets. The Manuplas product range includes mooring buoys, navigation buoys, marker buoys, floating fenders, vessel fendering, rope protection and cable protection. In April 2014 Manuplas became part of the Advanced Insulation Group of Companies.

The growth of the renewables industry, and in particular offshore wind farms, has driven Manuplas to spend the last 10 years developing leading concepts for fendering systems mounted on wind farm support vessels and crew vessels, and in particular modular bow fenders.

Advanced Insulation, Manuplas’ Parent Company specialises in the development, manufacture and application of unique syntactic phenolic resin based foam insulation and fire protection systems for the global offshore oil and gas industry. Through substantial investment in research and development, Manuplas now design and manufacture market leading solutions for the rapidly growing offshore industry, where lightweight buoyancy materials for subsea applications are required.  These buoyancy and protection products are now offered as part of the Advanced Insulation range of products and can be supplied as a full package along with subsea insulation where required. Subsea buoyancy products are manufactured from syntactic lightweight materials that can be used in depths in excess of 3000MSW. The buoyancy and protection product range includes:

  • Installation Buoyancy: used to assist offshore installation of pipelines and subsea equipment, and is critical to the successful deployment of field infrastructure.
  • Engineered Buoyancy: designed to survive for the life of the field whilst delivering market leading technical performance.  In floating production scenarios buoyancy is used to configure subsea systems, mitigating unwanted loads and pressures.
  • Protection Products: provide protection in the harshest operating environments for scenarios where impact, abrasion and over-bending would be catastrophic.
  • Clamping Solutions: a standardised piggyback system which is adaptable to a wide range of carrier applications.


 Production Processes:

Manuplas' principal production processes include:

  • Polyethylene foam thermolaminating to create high quality internal structures for buoyancy of fendering products up to 4m diameter x 10m long.
  • Specialist cutting and shaping technology.
  • Vacuum casting specialist lightweight syntactic foams for subsurface, composite and tooling applications.
  • Macrosphere production cell.  To provide Manuplas with the capacity required to satisfy demand for its subsea buoyancy products, a state of the art automated call has been designed and built in-house.  This enables macrospheres to be produced to suit demanding subsea and applications operating in water depths in excess of 3000m.
  • Full 5-axis CNC machining facility to product moulds and parts in composite and syntactic materials up to 3m long x 1.5m wide.
  • Polyurethane casting facility for producing bespoke mouldings and fendering.
  • Polyurethane elastomer spraying facility comprising 2x state of the art spray booths, the largest being 12m long.


Testing Capabilities:

Manuplas have a comprehensive range of in-house testing facilities including:

  • 2x macrosphere test chambers rated to 700 Bar.
  • Deep water hydrostatic test chamber rated to 300 Bar.
  • Shallow water hydrostatic test chamber rated to 100 Bar.
  • Manuplas can also offer external testing for the compression of fender systems using bespoke hydraulic presses.


Design Engineering:

Manuplas has a highly competent design engineering team, who can find a customised product solution for the most challenging of projects, whilst maintaining high quality and performance. Manuplas use state-of-the-art 3D modelling software (CAD), finite element analysis and testing facilities to achieve the best in product and material performance.



Manuplas believes that research and development and innovation is needed to provide sustainable growth.  Up to 10% of revenue is invested into research and development of new products.  A firm foundation for future growth and investment for a sustainable future, along with a keen discipline of listening to our customer's specific requirements, make Manuplas stand out from competition.



It is the Policy of Manuplas to comply with all legal and other requirements applicable to our activities, and to provide the highest level of occupational health and safety, quality assurance and care to customers, employees, and the environment. Manuplas meet the requirements of ISO9001:2008. Manuplas’ QHSE department has assessed and evaluated the environment impact and risks arising out of company operations, in order to protect the environment and prevent injury and ill-health.


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