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Manuplas manufacture Tow=Tectors which are moulded sleeves designed to provide impact, abrasion and wear resistance to mooring chains, ropes and cables.

Tow-Tectors are available in a range of diameters and lengths to suit the application and can be supplied as a one-piece sleeve or a two piece bolt together assembly for retro fitting.  Differing external geometrics can be provided for instance to limit rolling or meet other challenges in use.  These products may be used in conjunction with Manuplas polyurethane clamps to secure to the mooring system in use.


  • One-piece or two-piece options
  • Range of diameters, length and external geometries
  • High performance moulded polyurethane elastomer


Tow-Tectors Technical Data

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Tow-Tector 1 PieceDownload documentView image
Tow-Tector 2 PieceDownload documentView image