Offshore and Renewables » Subsea Umbilical Floats


Manuplas offer a two-piece wrap around flotation module for cables and control umbilicals.  They can be be used in combination with ROVs to maintain the necessary length of umbilical buoyancy below the surface or general umbilical requirements for cable or hose buoyancy.  Floats are in two halves with an integral elastomer clamp assembly, configured to the OD of the cable / umbilical with water depth ratings available from surface to 3000MSW.  The flotation modules can be rated for operating depths from surface to 6000MSW.


The flotation core component maybe high performance syntactic foam for deepwater deployment or more light weight expanded polymer foams to maximise buoyancy yield in shallower waters.  It may be cast within a rotationally moulded outer skin or a tough and durable sprayed elastomer.


  • Two-piece purpose built flotation modules
  • Strapping location grooves incorporated
  • Overcentre latch fastening option for ease of assembly / installation
  • Polyurethane elastomer / steel clamp construction
  • Lightweight foam flotation core
  • Optional customer graphics
  • Axial load testing capability